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Create a property portfolio to fund your future retirement. Income and growth from property can fund your income needs tax efficiently.

What is a SSAS?

Our Small Self Administered Scheme (SSAS) can be set up if you have an active UK limited company and you are a Director of that Company; it must be a genuine trading or investment company.

You will be a member as well as well as a trustee of the pension scheme and you ultimately make the investment decisions. Although you can obtain advice from a financial advisor or specialist such as a chartered surveyor for property purchase, you can bring in other people into the scheme with you, such as family or other directors.

Contributions paid in, qualify for tax relief and investment income, and growth is free of tax. From age 55 you can take a quarter of the fund free of tax, the remaining fund will be subject to income tax at your marginal rate. There is no limit on the amount of income that can be paid out.

The funds on death can be paid out to your family. There is a lifetime limit that can be built up plus you can subject to advice, transfer in most other pensions.

Contributions will generally be made from your business and the amount of relief you can obtain is linked to the profits of the business. Please use our online app to work out how much you could be eligible for. The contribution will be treated as a tax deductible business expense.

Tax relief is only given in the current year, and contributions cannot be paid so as to create a loss in the previous year.

You can pay in personally, the amount you can contribute is generally limited to 100% of your PAYE income. If you have self employed income from employment, this can be included also and there is a cap on the amount that can be contributed. Our online apps will help work this out.

The income is paid to you from age 55; there is no limit on the amount of income that can be paid to you but there is a cap of £1,030,000 that can be accrued over your lifetime which increases each year.

Income to you can be linked to rental income from the property. That income will be taxed at your marginal rate and 25% of the fund can be transferred to you free of tax as a lump sum.

If you have property in your name or your business, you can sell (subject to valuation) some or all of that property to your SSAS. The property is then leased back to generate income, which is tax deductible.



Commercial property can be bought via your SSAS. We can put you in touch with the right qualified surveyor in that local area.

We have also linked in with Zoopla to help you in that search process. This service is available for free through your dashboard.

You negotiate the terms with the seller via the property’s agent and once you are happy with the price we organise everything else.

Rental income will be paid into your pension bank account and any mortgage and other costs will be met from that account.

You might have your own commercial property either in your business or elsewhere that you wish to put into your SSAS.

  1. Complete the online forms to tax register your SSAS.
  2. Contribute or transfer from other pensions money into the pension scheme bank account.
  3. Source and agree terms for commercial property.
  4. Notify us and we will handle all the paperwork, including the mortgage and completion.
  5. Start receiving rental and investment income to your pension account – see and manage this online.

The property and mortgage will be registered in your names and it will be your responsibility to ensure that payments are maintained to ensure that mortgage requirements are adhered to.

We want you to build a large and secure fund, bricks and mortar can be one way to do this. For this reason and based on our experience of seeing what works and does not, we have put in certain safeguards. We therefore do not permit investment into the following.

  • Hotel rooms as these often have no secondary re-sale market
  • Car parking spaces
  • Land that has held residential property on it in the past and you intend to develop this into off-plan residential property
  • Acquisition of residential property, such as holiday homes, chalets, buy to let, social housing. The principal reason is that such investments carry with it large tax penalties for pension funds
  • Third party loans to any individuals or connected companies

What is permitted:

  1. Industrial units
  2. Offices
  3. Shops
  4. Garages
  5. Warehouses
  6. Nursing Homes
  7. Development Land
  8. Commercial property (with residential planning permission)
  9. Real Estate Investment Trusts
  10. Shares in commercial property companies
  11. Debentures issued by qualifying property companies, such as British Land.

Do not secure a property unless your SSAS is tax registered. If you have a SSAS with any other provider you can transfer this onto the platform.

Many providers offer SIPPs and also allow property investment. We only use SSAS for property investment as we believe that this pension product gives you better flexibility. We also use unit trusts to hold property shares which are registered and approved by HMRC.

For example, under a SIPP, the property is also registered in the name of the SIPP trustee. If you are unhappy with your provider you have to go through the painful process of removing them from the land registry, mortgage title deeds. If you are unhappy with us, you can remove us without the cost and headache of the legalities involved as we are not party to title deeds.

Commercial mortgages are straightforward. The loan will be secured by a mortgage or charge against the property and it will be repaid through your pension scheme bank account.

Once the loan is repaid off, the mortgage company will release it’s charge and the property is yours. Generally, there are a choice of repayment terms, including interest only and capital lump sum payments. The length of the mortgage can be up to 25 years.

Typically, the borrowing amount is up to 75% loan to value and our online calculator will help you work out the best rates for you. You can also secure interest only commercial mortgages plus a maximum loan to value of 100% with additional security.

You need to have a good credit rating – therefore no CCJs, IVA or a bankrupt.

You can get a decision in principal within a day. Do not secure a property unless your SSAS is tax registered.


Why Us

  • We do not tie you into a contract, we do not charge if you ever leave us. We offer complete transparency and fixed, agreed cost.

  • We use the latest financial technology and innovation to manage your SSAS. As we are built on technology, we can offer terms which are unrivalled in the market.

  • You will be looked after by a dedicated administrator, who knows you and your needs. Supporting that administrator will be a technical and consultancy team you can access at any time. You will have online support outside normal office hours and are free to meet with us at any time to discuss your needs.

  • We are insured for the work we perform, this is covered by our professional indemnity insurance. The work we undertake through our technology provides coverage of £1 million for each and every customer. We also provide extensive data risk insurance cover for each and every customer. We use class leading technology and ensure protection of data through Azure.

  • Developments in technology provides greater choice for SSAS customers. Unlike other financial platforms, we are built solely for the SSAS market and with that the range of services and experience will be tailored for your needs. From integrated tax reporting, to share dealing and property management; these will all form part of the Retirement Capital platform as our new phases complete. We are launching with phase 1 now, look out for more additions in phase 2 and 3. Our technology pack is available from our fintech team.


Who We Are

  • Retirement Capital is a partnership that delivers administration and management of your SSAS through technology. Our partners are SSAS consultants with extensive experience in their field. Our business partners and key network partners are listed on our website. The full bio and qualifications of each SSAS consultant is available in our due diligence pack.

  • We have offices in the UK, Gibraltar and Spain. We also partner worldwide with leading Fintech houses to deliver the administration of your SSAS cutting edged, simple and secure.

  • We only permit investment in UK property and valuations must be supported through recognised bodies, such as the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, The Association of Valuers of Licensed Property. We work with regulated financial advisors who will provide you with transfer and financial advice on regulated investments which may be added via your dashboard. We do not provide financial, legal or property advice. Customers can access our panel of advisors who are regulated to provide legal, property and financial services. Alternatively, customers can appoint their own financial advisors, solicitors or valuers.

  • Our objective is to provide a pension administration service through technology to make your SSAS better. We deliver that service in a friendly, knowledgeable and secure way. We are also available online, outside normal working hours. Your dedicated consultant can provide a one to one service at your home or business tailored for your needs.

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